We introduce ourselves as an experienced manufacturer and importer of tubular heating elements. Established in 1916 by Evangelos Oikonomou in Piraeus, our firm has ensured the continued growth of the company by creating a policy of good customer services and quality.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized products, designed and built with the benefit of many years’ experience in heating element technology. Situated in the major port of Greece our firm has established a long lasting relationship with most of the major shipping companies. Through the 100 years of working in the marine industry, we understand that quick efficient service and price competitiveness, without compromising on quality is a necessity for us.

Our product range is:
  • Tubular heating elements in all sizes, power outputs and materials
  • Galley hotplates, Oven heating elements, Switches, Thermostats
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Fuel Oil Heaters, Water Heaters
  • Heating Cables Self limiting
  • Defrost Heaters
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • Air Finned Heaters
                      and many more...